HMS 2014 Proceeding

Route cost evaluation model of container shipping focused on North China ports and Busan port

Authors:   Nam Kyu Park, Sang Kook Park


Asian container routes are the area where world 10 big ports are concentrated including Busan Port based on container cargo handling records in 2013 and the competition to attract container cargos between such ports is very tough. This paper has developed an economy evaluation model corresponding to change in transshipment cargo volume of neighbor ports in North East Asia classifying to Route 1 and Route 2 with Busan Port as a starting point and carried out an economy evaluation of the sea route, an important data for deciding sea routes and calling ports of the shipping companies by applying this model. As a result of analyzing such 2 routes, the shipping company can develop a more profitable route and the port related government authority or operational institution of each country can figure out the threshold of feeder cargo volume in economic viewpoint.

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