HMS 2014 Proceeding

?What to? approach for the optimization of a logistics platform

Authors:   Domenico Gattuso, Gian Carla Cassone, Domenica Savia Pellicaṇ


The paper proposes a ?what to? approach in order to optimize the receiving activities in a logistics platform operating in the food sector. The aim is the minimization of the receiving makespan, the time between the arrival and the exit of the inbound trucks at the node. The approach is based on a dynamic, stochastic, discrete-event micro-simulation model, that is properly specified, calibrated and validated. The simulation model allows the evaluation of the efficiency and functionality of the receiving activities. It can be applied to existing logistics platforms or to logistics systems in project phase, by offering managers summary indicators to support decisions related to planning receiving activities at different levels. Finally, a test application is proposed showing the optimal configurations of the system through the adjustment of the layout characteristics and the resources employed to serve inbound trucks.

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