HMS 2014 Proceeding

The use of constructive simulation to teach port management

Authors:   Mariusz Balaban, Sara Russell, Thomas W. Mastaglio, Paulette Dykes


Current use of constructive simulations to teach port managers skill sets is in large missing. The fast pace of change in the maritime industry requires similar adaptation on teaching institutions. Old Dominion University (ODU) began development of a unique curriculum for a port management undergraduate course that integrates a GIS-based simulation environment with the traditional course curriculum. This paper explores requirements and options for teaching port management aided by constructive simulation. A sample case study based on a real world problem is presented. Additionally, a survey was developed and administered to determine whether utilizing a simulation tool gave students a better understanding of the course material and if they gained additional understanding through such a format as compared to classes where constructive simulation was not used. The results indicate that the use of constructive simulation can aid port management students to develop domain relevant problem solving skills, stimulate creativity, and critical thinking.

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