HMS 2014 Proceeding

Multimodal freight transportation: a service optimization algorithm

Authors:   Rosa Rios Prado, Diego Crespo Pereira, Alejandro García del Valle


Most of the initiatives in terms of transportation promote multimodal transport, trying to decrease the road transport flows. In general a multimodal option is more efficient in terms of cost, fuel consumption and congestion than road transportation. One example of this initiative is the Transport White Paper 2011. In this paper the idea of multimodality and the actions to support it are reinforced. The optimization of the multimodal chain performance is one of these actions. This paper shows an optimization approach for the maritime service, taking into account the multimodal network. In this case the objective of the optimization is to maximize the value of the internal rate of return of the maritime service. To evaluate it, a multimodal transportation model, developed in a previous work by the research group, is used. This model, the optimization algorithm and some results will be shown in this paper.

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