HMS 2014 Proceeding

Manoeuvring simulations of the personal vehicle PICAV

Authors:   Elvezia Maria Cepolina, Francesco Cepolina


The greening of surface transport, ensuring sustainable urban mobility and improving safety and security are the three main paradigms reflecting the present and future urban transport strategic and policy challenges. The PICAV unit is a one person vehicle that is meant to ensure accessibility for everybody and some of its features are specifically designed for people whose mobility is restricted for different reasons, particularly (but not only) elderly and disabled people. Ergonomics, comfort, stability, assisted driving, eco-sustainability, parking and mobility dexterity as well as vehicle/infrastructures and intelligent networking are the main drivers of the PICAV design. The PICAV case is considered, investigating the advantages of four independently powered wheels and exploring how actuation redundancy could be used to grant proper manoeuvrability, at least, within the expected operative conditions and transport modes.

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