HMS 2014 Proceeding

Network DEA approach to assessing the efficiency of ships processing at a container terminal

Authors:   Sebastián Lozano, Gabriel Villa, Víctor Quesada


The processing of ships at a container terminal is divided into two stages, namely Berthing and Loading/Unloading. Both stages use labor and time as inputs. The Loading/Unloading stage also uses other resources, such as Quay and Stacking Cranes and other material handling equipment. Each stage has its own outputs. Thus, the outputs of the Berthing stage are the ship characteristic data, such as the Tonnage, Length and Depth. The single output of the Loading/Unloading stage is the number of TEUs loaded and unloaded. An input-oriented, parallel-process network DEA model is proposed to compute the overall system technical efficiency together with labor and time targets. A cost minimization network DEA model is also proposed so that the cost efficiency of previous ships processing can be assessed and a minimum cost resource allocation can be computed for an arriving ship. The proposed approach is illustrated on a real-world dataset.

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