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The MSC-LES is a lab of the Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering of the University of Calabria, Italy. The Lab is a reference point in the National & International Community for research activities, R&D projects, International Conference organization and Journals publications.

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Innovative Research & Development Activities

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    Modeling & Simulation

    The laboratory excels in Modeling & Simulation (M&S), applying these methodologies across diverse domains such as industrial processes, supply chains and logistics, healthcare systems. This area involves the use of advanced simulation methodologies to create accurate models that can predict system behavior, optimize processes, and enhance decision-making capabilities.

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    Industry 4.0 & 5.0

    Research in this area is dedicated to pioneering the next generations of industrial and manufacturing systems. This involves integrating cyber-physical systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cognitive computing to transform manufacturing while enhancing the human centricity. The focus is on creating smarter, more connected, and more efficient industrial environments.

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    Digital Twins

    Digital Twins technology is a cornerstone of the laboratory's research, offering deep insights into the industrial systems. This involves creating virtual replicas of physical systems to simulate, analyze, and optimize their functions in real-time, thereby enabling proactive monitoring and controls, decision support and smart operators remote capabilities.

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    Smart Operators

    This research area focuses on the development of Smart Operators within industrial settings. It explores innovative methods to incorporate multiple tecnologies (including AR, VR, MR, AI, web/mobile/wearable applications and machine learning technologies to enhance the importance, the centricity and the capabilities of human operators

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    Extended Reality

    The laboratory is exploring the potential of Extended Reality (XR) technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR), and Augmented Reality (AR). These technologies are applied to create immersive training and simulation environments that provide realistic, interactive experiences for training in complex operations. XR technologies are also used to practical implement the off-site and on-site operators concept.

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    Human Robot Collaboration

    Research in Human Robot Collaboration (HRC) focuses on developing synthetic environments that enhance the collaborative interactions between humans and robots. The aim is to leverage advanced simulation tools to design systems where robots and human workers can perform tasks in unison, improving safety, efficiency, and productivity in industrial applications.

Natioanal & International R&D Projects

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New enabling methodologies and technologies are essential for the survival of a number of smallholders throughout the entire Mediterranean and EU area. The SMALLDERS project seamless integrates several enabling technologies and methodologies with the aim of:

  • increase the salesability and perceived values of smallholders products
  • increase quality and traceability
  • support extended sustainability

The MSC-LES lab currently coordinates the research group of University of Calabria that is part of the Spoke 6 of the National Center for research in HPC, Big Data and Quantum Computing.

  • 25+ researchers involved in the project activities
  • Four different Flagship Projects
  • Applications areas including Bioengineering, Industrial Engineering, Sustainable Energy and Maritime

5G-ERA (5G Enhanced Robot Autonomy), aims alongside all other ICT-41 projects to provide an enhanced 5G experimentation facility and relevant Network Applications for 3rd party application developers.

  • 13 partners throughout Europe and UK.
  • Provide 3rd party developers with a 5G experimentation playground to test and qualify their applications.
  • Develop and test a specific case study for 5G in manufacturing systems including the use of robot, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality and Simulation

Hundreds of Researchers and Scientists meet each other every year to shape the future of Modeling & Simulation, Industry 4.0 & 5.0 and Smart Manufacturing. Discover all our International Conferences.

  • The International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference
  • The International Conference on Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing
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“Hundreds of articles for downaload”

The MSC-LES Conference repository offers a unique opportunity to download hundreds of scientific articles free of charge. The repository hosts the proceedings of multiple International Conferences including EMSS, HMS, MAS, IMAACA, DHSS, IWISH, SESDE and FOODOPS.

Articles are hosted by our spin-off company and available under the under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY-NC-ND) license

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