Research and Expertise

The scientific and research activities of MSC-LES at University of Calabria aim at successfully expand on and bring unique innovations in Industry, Logistics and Defense including industrial plants and productionsystems design and management, logistics nodes and supply chain management, human behavior modeling and multi-cohalition systems.

MSC-LES works with a number of industries, universities, research institutions, governments, all over the world.

Different Modeling & Simulation paradigms and architectures are used as advanced  problem solving methodologies, for developing decision support tools and for training and education in complex systems.

Applied Research Areas

Modeling & Simulation for Design of industrial plants and production systems

  • Cost accounting;
  • Business Plans and investment analysis;
  • Production systems design;
  • Plant lay-out analysis and design;
  • Ergonomic effective design of industrial workstations (based on the integration of work measurement, ergonomics and simulation).

Modeling & Simulation for Analysis and design of industrial plants facilities

  • Plant facilities design and integration;
  • Plant facilities parameters modeling and optimization;
  • Plant facilities reliability and availability analysis;
  • Plant facilities maintenance;
  • Global service maintenance;
  • Plant facilities safety and security.

Modeling & Simulation for Workplace Ergonomic design and security within Industrial Plants

  • Work measurement;
  • Effective Ergonomic design of industrial workstations;
  • Risk assessment and security within industrial plants.

Modeling & Simulation for Defense and Homeland Security

  • Synthetic and Virtual Enviroments for training and decision making
  • Interoperable and distributed simulation
  • Simulation based Acquisition
  • Human Behavior Modeling e multi-coalition systems

Modeling & Simulation for Logistics & Supply Chain Management

  • Supply Chain management based on Modeling & Simulation
  • Supply chain security (including supply chain node security, i.e. container terminals security);
  • Demand forecasting;
  • Single stage and multi-echelon inventory systems;
  • Design and management of distribution networks;
  • Transportation strategies optimization;
  • Reverse logistics.

Modeling & Simulation for Analysis and design of processes and production technologies

  • Assessment, analysis and rationalization of production processes;
  • Process Modeling and optimization;
  • Process innovation.

Modeling & Simulation for Quality, Environment and Corporate Security

  • Total Quality Management;
  • Quality control services Organization;
  •  Analysis of process capability;
  • Quality improvement;
  • The Six Sigma;
  • Regulatory frameworks for Security;
  • Risk assessment and mapping;
  • Security plans;
  • Internal Audits management;
  • Environmental management system;
  • Initial environmental review, technical and operational methods;
  • Improvement of the environmental performances.


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We develop innovative products integrating different technologies such as Simulation, Immersive and Interactive Virtual Reality, Smart Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Serious Games.


MSC-LES is one of the partners of Simulation Team which is an excellence network in M&S.


MSC-LES is member of the Liophant Simulation. Liophant is a non-profit association born in order to be a trait-d’union among simulation developers and users.


MSC-LES is member organization of MS&Net (Modeling & Simulation Network).