Project IDRASS

Immersive Disaster Relief and Autonomous System Simulation

When a disaster occurs, risk managers and emergency officials are required to know what critical infrastructure has been damaged and what the current disaster status is in order to direct assistance, supplies and resources accordingly.

By using 3D graphic engines, the IDRASS (Immersive Disaster Relief and Autonomous System Simulation ) simulator aims at being an effective tool for breaking down barriers to employability of drones during the preliminary reconnaissance and exploration mission in unconventional disaster situation in industrial plants, chemical plants, or nuclear sites.

The main objective is to propose an innovative risk assessment solution and disaster relief tool for training drone pilots in case of unknown causes of potential disasters with constrained conditions such as the drone battery, the time elapsed and the need to take immediate decisions based on the data collected by the drone sensors (i.e. air contamination sensor, soil contamination sensor and biomedical sensor).

Drones and UAVs are playing an increasingly large role complementary to that of satellites (which provide low-resolution imagery) in supporting risk and hazard management activities.