Alessandro Chiurco

Dr. Alessandro Chiurco is a senior research fellow at MSC-LES, University of Calabria, where he is Programmer and Modeling and Simulation Specialist. He took his Master Degree in Management Engineering and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from University of Calabria.
His IT activities and responsibilities include:
– Scientific Computing;
– Optimization and Artificial Intelligence;
– Programming languages: C++ and Java;
– Software Quality Assurance.
His Modeling & Simulation activities and responsibilities include:
– Conceptual Modeling using UML diagrams and mathematical formalisms whenever needed;
– Immersive environments development using authoring tools such as Creator by Presagis, 3D Studio Max, ioMax, Enterprise Architect, etc and real-time graphic engines like Unity 3D, Quest3D, Vega Prime Presagis;
– Development of Virtual Immersive Simulation, Interoperable Simulation Models, Discrete Event Simulation and Agent driven Simulation from scratch in Java and/or C++ programming languages or even using commercial software packages such as Anylogic, Arena, eMPlant, eMWorkplace, etc;
– Simulation execution, Verification, Validation and Accreditation (VV&A) of Simulation Models.