WAMS 2019 Tracks

Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied. Topics of interests include the following tracks, nevertheless different topics concerning Modeling & Simulation in Industry are welcome.

Current List of Tracks and Workshops

  Digital Fruition of Cultural Heritage & Architecture

Chair: Grazia Tucci, Florence University, (Italy).

  Serious Games

Chair: Michael Conroy, KSC NASA; Riccardo Di Matteo, MAST.

  Simulation Techniques and Methodologies

Chair: Giovanni Luca Maglione, SIM4FUTURE; Simone Youngblood, APL Johns Hopkings University, (USA).

  Simulation for Applications

Chair: Matteo Agresta, University of Genoa, (Italy); Jen Hsien Hsu, De Montforrt University, Leeds, (United Kingdom).

  Simulation for Emergency & Crisis Management

Chair: Marina Massei, DIME, (Italy); Terry Bossomaier, Charles Sturt University, (Australia).

  Simulation Tools for Human Reliability Analysis Studies

Chair: Antonella Petrillo,University of Napoli, Partenope, (Italy).

  Serious Games for Strategy

Chair: Francesco Bellotti, Elios Lab, (Italy); Gregory Zacharewicz, ,University of Bordeaux (France).

  Strategic Engineering & Simulation

Chair: Agostino Bruzzone, , Simulation Team Genoa, University of Genoa, (Italy); Ian Mazal, Brno University of Defence, (Czech Republic); Anna Franca Sciomachen, DIEC, (Italy).

  CBRN & Crisis Simulation

Chair: Andrea Reverberi, DCCI, (Italy).

  Immersive Solution for Product Design

Chair: Letizia Nicoletti, Cal-Tek srl, (Italy).

  Innovative Solutions supporting Interoperability Standards

Chair: Antonio Padovano, MSC-LES, UNICAL, (Italy).

  Mixed Reality & Mobile Training enabling new Educational Solution

Chair: Marco Vetrano, Simulation Team (Italy).


Aerospace and Defense



Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Emergency Planning & Managemen

Enterprise Resource Management (ERP)

Environment Management

Food and Beverage


Games & Entertainment

Health Care Systems

Human Resource Management

Industrial Plants

Industrial Engineering

Information Support Systems

Infrastructure Planning & Design

Intelligent Forecasting

Inventory Management

Iron and Steel

Logistics & Manufacturing

Military Applications

Oil and Gas


Product Data Management (PDM)

Production Planning & Management

Project Management

Power Industry

Public Services

Renewable Resources

Safety and Security

Sales Forecasting

Strategic Decision Making

Supply Chain Management


Strategic Decision

Water Resources


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Neural Networks


Business Process Re-engineering

Business Intelligence

Cloud Computing

Company Intelligent Management


Customer Satisfaction

Data Farming

Data Fusion


Data Warehousing

Decision Support Systems

Effective Design

Electronic Data Interchange

Engineering & Design

Fuzzy Logic

Genetic Algorithms

Human Behavior Modeling

Knowledge Based Systems

Mobile Solutions

Modeling & Simulation Methodologies, Techniques and Applications

Logistics Networks

Network Management

Organizational Modelling

Process Simulation

Process Consulting

Production Simulation

Social Sciences

Strategic Consulting

Total Quality Management

Resources Planning

Safety in Work Environment


Security & Intelligence

Serious Games

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