WAMS 2019 Registration and Fees

Conference Registration and Fee Payment


WAMS will be co-located with ASIASIM 2019. Only the registration to WAMS is required. The registration to WAMS will allow WAMS attendees to join also ASIASIM sessions. Authors are expected to register (by using the online registration, please be sure to select the WAMS registration item in the online registration procedure!), to pay the registration fee, to attend the conference and to present the accepted papers (the reduced registration fee is guaranteed only if the payment is received before August 25, 2019).
Without the payment of the registration fee the paper will not be published in the Conference Proceedings. The registration fee payment guarantees the publication of the paper in the conference proceedings. Note the registration fee payment must be completed before September 8th 2019 After September 8th, 2019 the Organization Committee does not guarantee the publication of the paper in the conference proceedings. Conference attendee paying full registration will be able to attend any of the WAMS Conference sessions. The registration fee is associated with publication of the paper and is NOT REFUNDABLE, but is transferable to the designed who will present your paper at the Conference.

For further information please contact Francesco Longo (f.longo@unical.it ) or Letizia Nicoletti (l.nicoletti@cal-tek.eu).

Type Before August 25, 2019 After August 25, 2019
Full Registration to the Conference 395.00 Euro 495.00 Euro
Extra page charges 75.00 Euro per page over 10 pages 75.00 Euro per page over 10 pages
Student Not Author 150.00 Euro 200.00 Euro
2nd paper registration 370.00 Euro 450.00 Euro or 75.00 Euro/page, whichever is less
3rd paper registration 350.00 Euro 420.00 Euro or 75.00 Euro/page, whichever is less
Companion Tickets (to buy at the conference desk) Lunch: 50.00 Euro -- Gala Dinner: 100.00 Euro Lunch: 50.00 Euro -- Gala Dinner: 100.00 Euro
Extra copy of Full Conference Electronic Proceedings (with USB Stick) 80.00 Euro 80.00 Euro
Extra copy of Full Conference Electronic Conference Proceedings 50.00 Euro 50.00 Euro

Payment Procedure


The registration fee can be paid by using your credit card or by wire transfer.

During the registration procedure you will be asked to choose which payment mode you prefer. In case you choose to pay via credit card you be redirected to a secure environment where you can directly pay your conference fee.

If you choose to pay via bank transfer please use the following information

Bank Name: Banca Nazionale del Lavoro - Agenzia di Rende (CS), Italy

Bank Address: Piazza Matteotti 14, 87036 Rende (CS), Italy

Payment by Wire Transfer to:

Account Holder: CAL-TEK Srl

Holder VAT: 03133320782

Account Holder: CAL-TEK Srl

IBAN : IT11U0100580880000000001724


Account Holder Address : Via Spagna 240-242, 87036 Rende (CS), Italy

Very Important: In the Wire Transfer please state reference: WAMS + Your name + Paper ID

PAGE LIMITS AND OTHER INFORMATION: The page limit for manuscripts is ten (10) pages (included in the author registration fee). Additional pages will be assessed at Euro 75 per page. If your work must be cleared or approved before publication by your institution, company, or governmental agency, please be sure that process will be completed by the due date above or we will not be able to include it in the Conference Proceedings.

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