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Come to Hague, Netherlands for SCSC 2011 to witness the 43rd edition of this leading conference in the field of Modeling and Simulation. SCSC 2011 features varied tutorials, tracks and workshops.


For further information please contact scs@scs.org

Summer computer simulation conference

27-30 June 2011, World Forum, The Hague, Netherlands


P.O. Box 17900
San Diego, CA 92177-7900
Tel: 858-277-3888
Fax: 858-277-3930
E-mail: scs@scs.org

The conference focuses on modeling and simulation, tools, theory, methodologies and applications, providing a forum the latest R&D results in academia and industry.

In parallel with technical presentations, companies and research groups will be exhibiting their latest products.

Further increasing SCSC's application focus, SCSC10 is adding to the conference program a set of with panels, hot topic sessions and invited industrial sessions.


A PDF version of the Call for Papers can be found here.

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