I-WISH, 2015

The International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


September, 21-23 2015

Bergeggi, Italy

For further information please contact Werner Backfrieder and Witold Jacak


Call For Papers


Simulation and Modeling in Computer Aided Therapy

At the International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


Chairs: Werner Backfrieder and Witold Jacak

Affiliation: Software Engineering and Biomedical Informatics, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Contacts: Werner.Backfrieder@fh-hagenberg.at, Witold.Jacak@fhs-hagenberg.ac.at


Deadlines for Papers Submission

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Track Description

Tremendous advance in diagnostic imaging utilizing multimodal techniques with novel imaging protocols and recent developments in computer aided methods open a vast field for research in curative life sciences. The complexity of diagnosis, surgical planning and computer aided surgery is increasing enormously, thus modeling and simulation of the underlying processes is an important tool to elucidate hidden coherences. The track gives room for novel research approaches and results of ongoing work. Topics are:

 Virtual Reality in surgical procedures,

 Virtual Reality for the treatment of disorders and/or rehabilitation,

 Virtual Reality for development and validation of medical simulators

 Model based information processing of medical images,

 Advanced methods in model based image processing,

 New methods of diagnostic imaging,

 New paradigms in functional imaging, e.g. PET and MR,

 Reconstruction in computed tomography,

 Model based segmentation and registration,

 Simulation in the context of diagnostics,

 Simulation of emergency procedures (disaster gaming),

 Simulation of disease proliferation,

 Disease management,

 Healthcare networks.

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