I-WISH, 2015

The International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


September, 21-23 2015

Bergeggi, Italy

For further information please contact Jerry Batzel, Nandu Goswami, Mette Olufsen


Call For Papers


Patient Specific Modeling of the Cardiovascular-Respiratory system:

interdisciplinary approaches to theory and practice

At the International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare



Jerry Batzel,  University of Graz

Nandu Goswami,  Medical University of Graz

Mette Olufsen, North  Carolina State University



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Track Description

Cardiovascular-Respiratory  function is maintained through a complex interplay of control mechanisms, including key mechanisms influencing blood pressure and blood volume control and the control of blood gases via ventilation.  The track will seek to  provide an interdisciplinary perspective for  development of novel research hypotheses regarding cardiovascular-respiratory control mechanisms, current  approaches  to modeling such systems, and current issues in the  application of such models in the clinical setting to assess patient specific system status. Through a unified understanding of control mechanisms better understanding of the clinical consequences of compromised control can be developed leading to better diagnostic and treatment protocols. Important areas of clinical application can include, for example,  the problem of syncope in the elderly,  assessment and response to hypertension and hypotension during hemodialysis, problems related to understanding and assessing cerebral blood flow autoregulation, clinical problems related to blood volume support  during hemorrhage and many other problems which involve multiple control systems.

The Track will incorporate 3 sessions  providing  theoretical , practical, and experimental dimensions  to patient specific modeling. These sessions are:

· Patient specific Models (practical: model development, model design of key mechanisms  etc.)

· Patient specific modeling theory (theoretical: model validation techniques etc.)

· Physiology/data  experimentation and clinical problems (experimental: problems in experimental design and data measurements, development of tools for patient assessment etc .)


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