I-WISH, 2015

The International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


September, 21-23 2015

Bergeggi, Italy

Call For Papers


Modeling and Simulation for Cognitive Computation

At the International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


Chairs (a) Muaz Niazi, (b) Amir Hussain

Affiliation: (a) Bahria University, Islamabad, Pakistan ; (b) University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

Contacts: (a) muaz.niazi@gmail.com ; (b) ahu@cs.stir.ac.uk



Deadlines for Papers Submission

Authorís Instruction for paper submission


Track: Modeling and Simulation for Cognitive Computation

The goal of this special session is to explore the use of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) in the emerging inter-disciplinary domain of Cognitive Computation that bridges the gap between life sciences, social sciences, engineering, physical and mathematical sciences, and humanities. Cognitive Computation is an exciting area of multi-disciplinary research covering biologically inspired computational accounts of all aspects of natural and artificial cognitive systems. Authors of selected papers presented at the Special Session will be invited to submit expanded and significantly revised versions of their manuscripts to a follow-on Special Issue of Springerís Cognitive Computation journal (SCI-E Indexed). Details will follow the Conference.

For the proposed Special Session, we welcome papers, not submitted elsewhere for review, with a focus on modeling, simulation and engineering of systems in the domain of cognitive computation. Topics of interest range from, but are not limited to:


Techniques of interest:

 Agent-based Modeling

 Complex Network based Models

 Multimodal methods for analysis of data

 Other methods from Artificial intelligence, neural networks, cognitive neuromorphic engineering and other hardware implementations, cognitive robotics, autonomous cognitive systems, neuroscience, nanotechnology, self-organizing, swarm and immune systems, complex systems and control theory, and computational cognitive neuroscience.

 General purpose modeling & simulation paradigms


Areas of Application:

 Brain, cognition, perception, action, attention, learning, memory, decision-making, language processing, communication, reasoning, problem solving, and consciousness aspects of cognition.


Example topics

 Modeling & Simulation of Cognitive disorders (Schizophrenia, dementia etc.)

 Modeling & Simulation of Brain and other cognitive functions

 Use of agent-based and complex network methods in the development of autonomous systems

 Social Network Analysis to study spread of Brain/Cognition related diseases

 Use of cognition, attention, consciousness in robotics, sensors and autonomous systems

 Management of Healthcare related to psychology/psychiatry

 Verification and Validation of Cognitive Computation related simulations

 Modeling and Simulation of Body Sensor Networks for cognitive health

 Modeling, Simulation and development of Pervasive and Ambient Assisted Living systems, Disease tracking and monitoring systems for Cognitive disorders

 Modeling and simulation of consensus formation in brain

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