I-WISH, 2015

The International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


September, 21-23 2015

Bergeggi, Italy

Call For Papers


Modeling and Simulation for Biosciences and Bioinformatics

At the† International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


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Track: Modeling and Simulation for Biosciences and Bioinformatics

The goal of this special session is to explore the use of Modeling and Simulation (M&S) in the domain of assisting Bioscientists and Bioinformaticians as users/practitioners. The key focus of this session is on the client/user aspect of modeling and simulation paradigms and tools. Thus the track is geared more towards exploiting and bringing together innovations using M&S as assistive technologies for everyday tasks of Bioscientist practitioners (as users with limited Computational, Modeling and Simulation or programming skills). We welcome papers, not submitted elsewhere for review, with a focus on assisting practitioners in topics of interest ranging from but not limited to:

 Exploratory Bioinformatics and Computational Biological models, simulations and tools for helping Bioscientists

 Modeling and simulation as decision support for assisting Bioscientists and Medical practitioners

 Agent-based Modeling and simulation for Biological Systems, Healthcare facilities or Social Systems etc.

 Verification and Validation of Biological Simulations

 Equation based Modeling of Biological Systems

 Development and analysis of Complex Biological and Social Networks (Formal Specification, Modeling, Analysis and Simulation)

 Modeling and Simulation in System Biology

 Modeling and simulation of congenital disorders

 Modeling and simulation of epidemics and other diseases

 HIV/AIDS related M&S

 Tumor Growth modeling and Simulation

 Distributed Simulation of Biological Systems

 Formal Specification and Models such as using Z formal specification language, Systems Biology Markup Language (SBML) etc.

 Use of Cognitive Computation and AI techniques such as Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Bio-inspired techniques, swarm intelligence algorithms for developing models of Biological systems

 Modeling and Simulation of Body Sensor Networks for e-Health

 Modeling and Simulation of Pervasive and Ambient Assisted Living systems, Disease Tracking and Monitoring systems

 Artificial Life related topics



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