I-WISH, 2015

The International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


September, 21-23 2015

Bergeggi, Italy

Call For Papers


Mathematical Modeling and Health Technology Assessment

At the International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


Chairs: (a) Niki Popper, (b)Felix Breitenecker, (c) Gottfried Endel

Affiliations: (a) dwh Simulation Services Vienna;(b) Vienna Univ. of technology,Div. Mathematical modelling and Simulation; (c) Main Association of Austrian Social Security Institutions, Vienna,

Contacts: (a) Niki.Popper@drahtwarenhandlung.at, (b) Felix.Breitenecker@tuwien.ac.at,†††† (c) Gottfried.Endel@hvb.sozvers.at



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Track Description

Modeling and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) are going to become major tools in the decision process of new strategies and resource planning in healthcare. Based on national and international databases adequate modeling techniques have to be developed to assess short-term interventions as well as long time behavior. Modeling therefor has to be very flexible in respect to time spans and also because of different view on population at risk or people at intervention, microscopic (e.g. agent based methods) and macroscopic modeling techniques (e.g. Markov models, System Dynamics) are used in this field. The mini-symposium shall give a scientific platform for different aspects of modeling in decision making processes in health care. Especially dynamic vaccination strategy modeling with real world data using statistical concepts for data quality assessment, parameter tests, validation and verification are discusses. The second main question discussed in this symposium is dealing with modular modeling concepts and hybrid modeling techniques. The problem classes comprise interface definitions for international model exchange, numerical set up and feedback concepts in advanced modeling structures.


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