I-WISH, 2015

The International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare


September, 21-23 2015

Bergeggi, Italy

Call For Papers


Healthcare and Public Health M&S

At the† International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Healthcare



Rafael Diaz, VMASC Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center

Eduardo Cabrera, Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona



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Track: Healthcare and Public Health M&S

Healthcare and Public Health managers, officers, and practitioners are constantly challenged by complex operational and strategic issues with extensive implications to patients, stakeholders, and industries. Hospitals, clinics, public health institutions and other healthcare venues continuously seek innovative ways to enhance efficiencies, and thus, decrease their costs while maintaining their financial viability as well as their quality of care delivered. To accomplish these efficiencies, many managers and health professionals design and implement interventions that assist in addressing these complex issues. Quantitative methods such as Modeling and Simulation (M&S), mathematical programming, and Markov Chains have the potential to successfully assist in exploring, understanding, and addressing these issues. Particularly, simulation models and optimization frameworks may provide sophisticated mechanisms that assist in capturing and processing the intricacies associated with these challenges. The purpose of this track is expressed as follows.

 To present innovative research that demonstrates the role of simulation models and optimization frameworks in the healthcare and Public Health domains.

 To describe novel techniques that can be used in the Healthcare and Public Health arena.

 To propose an agenda for simulation and optimization frameworks research in this area.

Some prospective topics for the track include:

 Healthcare operations management

 Population Health

 Terminal or Chronic Disease management


 Patient-centered medical homes

 Climate Change and Public Health

 Emergency Department

 Reducing Health inequality, i.e. Healthcare access

 Economic models of financing of healthcare services


 Community Health

 Healthcare training and optimizations

 Standards on healthcare delivery




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