Modeling and Simulation for Cloud Manufacturing

As a comprehensive information technology that integrates computer science, model theories, and scientific computing, modeling and simulation (M&S) technology plays an irreplaceable role during the development of manufacturing systems. M&S has been widely applied in all phases of the whole product lifecycle, i.e. design, manufacturing, testing, sales, maintenance and other phases. Cloud manufacturing is a kind of service oriented intelligent manufacturing model. It maps manufacturing resources and capabilities to a cloud in the form of services, and provide high-quality services on demand for the whole life cycle of manufacturing by efficient service sharing and collaboration. Compare to traditional manufacturing mode, manufacturing services in a cloud are dynamic, heterogenous, uncertain and loose coupling. As a result, M&S is more important and challenging in cloud manufacturing to complete a high quality manufacturing task. This talk will briefly review the research and applications of M&S technology in manufacturing, introduce the main idea of cloud manufacturing, discuss the challenges and features of M&S for cloud manufacturing, present several typical M&S technologies in a manufacturing cloud, such as cloud simulation, model engineering, simulation based service composition and scheduling, etc.

Lin Zhang - Brief CV.

Lin Zhang is a professor of Beihang Unversity, China. He received the B.S. degree in 1986 from Nankai University, China, the M.S. and the Ph.D. degree in 1989 and 1992 from Tsinghua University, China. His research interests include service-oriented modeling and simulation, cloud manufacturing, model engineering for simulation, agent-based control and simulation. Currently, he is the Past President of the Society for Modeling & Simulation International (SCS), a Fellow of SCS and ASIASIM, the executive vice president of China Simulation Federation (CSF), a chief scientist of the 863 key projects, and associate Editor-in-Chief and associate editors of 6 peer-reviewed international journals. He authored and co-authored more than 200 papers, 10 books and chapters. He received the National Award for Excellent Science and Technology Books in 1999, the Outstanding Individual Award of China High-Tech R&D Program (863), 2001, the National Excellent Scientific and Technological Workers Awards in 2014.

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