The 12th International

Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multiconference



The M&S Multiconference moving around the World and along the Years attended by Top Experts from Mediterranean, Latin & North Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia

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Local Organization Committee

September, 21-23 2015

Bergeggi, Italy


General Co-Chairs


Agostino G. Bruzzone

MITIM - Genoa Center

University of Genoa, Italy


Yuri Merkuryev

Riga Technical University, Latvia


Program Co-Chairs


Francesco Longo

MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy

I3M 2015

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I3M 2015

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The European Modelling & Simulation Symposium - EMSS




The International Conference on Harbour, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics M&S - HMS





The International Conference on Modeling & Applied Simulation- MAS



The International Conference on Integrated Modeling and Analysis in Applied Control and Automation







International Defense and Homeland Security Simulation Workshop



The International Workshop on Innovative Simulation for Health Care



The International Workshop on Simulation for Energy, Sustainable Development & Environment 






The international Food Operations & Processing Simulation Workshop