The 18th International Conference on

Harbor, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics

Modelling and Simulation


September 26 - 28† 2016

The Golden Bay Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus


HMS, 2016


Call For Papers


Planning Sustainable Transport Systems


Track at the International Conference on Harbour, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation


Track Chairs: (a) Agostino Bruzzone,(b) Miguel Angel Piera

Affiliation: (a) DIME Univerisy of Genoa (Italy) (b) UAB University of Barcelona (Spain)

Contacts: (a) , (b);


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Track Description

While globalization of the economy has received a continuous increase in volume of freight traffic during the past years, theoretical and methodological approaches and ideas for sustainable transport logistics are poorly developed. In this context, the regulatory push effect for sustainable transport logistics forces the economy to find new ways and perspectives for saving resources and environment. On the other hand, the industry pull effect can profit from their changes of transport systems to be more competitive and efficiency on the global market. The aim of this track is for researchers and practitioners to exchange new ideas and practical experience in planning sustainable transport logistics. Against this background, this track includes following topics:

 Modeling and simulation of transport systems

 Comparison and optimization of transport systems

 Methods and tools for computation of emission in transport logistics

 Methods and tools for planning of multimodal transport systems

 Management application of multimodal transport systems: case studies

 Approaches of emission reporting in transport logistics

 Approaches of multi agent systems in transport logistics


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