The 18th International Conference on

Harbor, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics

Modelling and Simulation


September 26 - 28† 2016

The Golden Bay Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus


HMS, 2016


Call For Papers


Modelling and Simulation of Logistics Networks


Track at the International Conference on Harbour, Maritime & Multimodal Logistics Modelling and Simulation


Track Chairs: (a)Tobias Reggelin (b) Alejandro Garcia


Affiliation: (a) Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg / Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF (Germany); (b) Integrated Group for Engineering Research, University of La Coruna (Spain);



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Track Description


Developments in the operational and supply chain arena suggest that building and managing a comprehensive and efficient supply chain system depends on capturing within a model the dynamics inherent in multiple and intricate supply chain factors. To meaningfully capture these complexities it is necessary to employ tools that generate feasible and reliable solutions. In accordance, the purpose of this track is to present the latest developments in supply chain management research in which both theoretical and practical issues are addressed. Conceptual paper must be inclusive of numerical analysis or case illustrations.


Covered topics include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following :


 Global supply chain or green supply chain management

 Cost control using activity based management

 Lean supply chain management

 Reverse logistics and return/waste management

 E-business and supply chain or closed-loop supply chain management

 Asset management in the logistics industry

 Assessment of risks or disruptions

 Financial logistics and logistics and revenue management

 Outsourcing relationship management

 Strategic alliance or supply chain partnerships

 Institutional perspectives†


Nevertheless different topics concerning Supply Chains are welcome.



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