FoodOPS 2019 Call For Papers

Modelling and Simulation of Physical Properties of Foods

Track Description

The track focuses on methodologies and technologies on Liquid, Semi-solid and Solid Food Processing including Modeling & Simulation based approaches.

Researcher are invited to submit original articles on the following topics (additional topics related to liquid food processing are also welcome):

  • Creep and recovery properties of visco-elastic foods.
  • Time-dependent fluids.
  • Non-linear (Fourier Transform) rheology.
  • Development of fitting simulation models describing the fluid behavior of fluid and semi-solid and foods.
  • Use of non-linear simulation models describing textural properties of solid foods.
  • Inference from big data (Mathematical modeling and analysis of big size of data from multiple factorial experimental design).

For further information please contact Mustafa Tahsin Yilmaz.

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