FoodOPS 2019 Call For Papers

Modelling & Simulation of Food Processing

Track Description

The track focuses on methodologies and technologies Liquid Food Processing including Modeling & Simulation based approaches.

Researcher are invited to submit original articles on the following topics (additional topics related to liquid food processing are also welcome) :

  • Modelling of thermal unit operations in food (Heating, Drying, Cooking, Refrigeration, Chilling, Freezing, etc.)
  • Modelling of mechanical unit operations in food (Mixing, Separation, Emulsification, etc.)
  • Specific emphasize on Multiphysics (Microwave thawing, pasteurization, Radiofrequency heating, etc.)
  • CFD analysis.
  • Kinetics modelling.
  • Automation and process control.

For further information please contact Michel Havet.

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