The 28th European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (Simulation in Industry)


September 26 - 28  2016

The Golden Bay Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus

The 28thEMSS, 2016

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Workshop on Cloud Computing

Workshop at the European Modeling and Simulation Symposium

(EMSS 2016)



Chairs: (aChunming Rong

Affiliation: (a) University of Stavanger , Norway

Contact: (a)


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Workshop Description

Cloud Computing is the technological “break-through” concept of this decade creating new paradigms and opportunities but what is the State of Art of a Cloud based Modelling and Simulation approach? What contribution from Cloud Computing to interoperable simulation where different models interact to create complex scenarios. What technological issues for developing simulators to run over a Cloud?

In this track we want to explore how simulation is leveraging on this new technological opportunity considering traditional application of distributed calculus for analytical simulation (i.e. Finite Element or Structural Analysis) but also for recreating complex scenarios such as for crowd and population simulation in Homeland Security and Disaster Relief Scenarios or wide frameworks in term of geography, time and number of entities involved. There is also the theme of web based simulation or Serious Games where an unpredictable number of users could log in and participate, for instance, in an on-line exercise.

Topics of interest include to all the applications of M&S over a Cloud, such as:


· Interoperable and Distributed Simulation

· Web Based Simulation and Serious Games

· Human Modelling

· Innovative applications of FEM, Calculus, Thermo-Fluid-Dynamics…



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