The 28th European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (Simulation in Industry)


September 26 - 28† 2016

The Golden Bay Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus

The 28thEMSS, 2016

Call For Papers


Modelling and Simulation in Physiology and Medicine

Track at the European Modeling & Simulation Symposium

(EMSS 2016)


Chairs: (a) Maja Atanasijevic-Kunc (b)Felix Breitenecker

Affiliation: (a) Univ. Ljubljana, Fac. Electrical Engineering (b)Vienna Uiv. of Technology, Div. Mathematical Modelling and Simulation

Contacts: (a), (b)


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Track Description

Modelling and simulation have become a very strong tool for understanding and solving problems also in the field of physiology and medicine. In this situation, it makes sense to discuss the approaches and diversity of methods and tools which have proved to be important for learning, studying epidemiology, natural course of the diseases and effects of the treatment. In physiology, modelling approaches from natural sciences play a major role.

The session is not restricted to system simulation approaches, any other modelling approaches in this area area as Markov Modelling, Cellular Automata Modelling etc are welcome


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