The 28th European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (Simulation in Industry)


September 26 - 28  2016

The Golden Bay Beach Hotel, Larnaca, Cyprus

The 28thEMSS, 2016

Call For Papers


Modelling, Computer Simulation and Visualisation of Heritage

Track at the European Modeling & Simulation Symposium

(EMSS 2016)


Chairs: (a) Galina Merkuryeva; (b) Ricardo Gonçalves


Affiliation: (a) Riga Technical University; (b) Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNINOVA)

Contacts: (a) (b)


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Track description

The track aims to bring together innovations in research and application of modelling and simulating of the heritage buildings (HBs) and systems that may support their protection, rehabilitation and daily operation.

This track is promoted by Cost (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) action ‘Innovation in Intelligent Management of HBs’. With this, we would like to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge and sharing experience in both scientific and industrial approaches, methods, software and applications of data processing, modelling and computer simulation for preventive preservation, maintenance and intelligent management of heritage.



· Heritage data sensing, processing and management

· Imaging and visualization of heritage

· Computer simulation of heritage (e.g. 3D modelling, crowd simulation, agent-based simulation for heritage)

· Climate impact and risk assessment for cultural heritage

· Socio-economic modeling of environment and heritage

· Modelling for interoperability in HB

· Modeling services for HBs on the cloud

· Industrial case study applications for protection and rehabilitation of HBs

For further information please contact Galina Merkuryeva, Ricardo Gonçalves



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