The 25th European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (Simulation in Industry)

25 - 27 September

Royal Olympic

Athens, Greece


The dynamic changing behavior of industry processes, due to markets globalization, requires continuous research and development advances for guarantying higher competitiveness. Modeling & Simulation is a growing research field capable of supporting, as powerful decision making tool, industrial evolution.

Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations all the research works, case studies and application both theoretical and applied. Topics of interests include the following tracks, nevertheless different topics concerning Modeling & Simulation in Industry are welcome.



For further information please contact Francesco Longo, Marina Massei

Current List of Tracks and Workshops

Discrete and Combined Simulation

Chair: Gasper Music, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia; Thomas Wiedemann, HTW Dresden FB Informatik, Germany


Industrial Processes Modeling & Simulation

Chair: Agostino Bruzzone, DIME, University of Genoa (Italy)


Industrial Engineering

Chair: Francesco Longo, MSC-LES, University of Calabria,Italy


Agent Directed Simulation

Chairs: Tuncer Ören, University of Ottawa (Canada); Levent Yilmaz, Auburn University (USA)


Petri Nets based Modelling & Simulation

Chairs: Emilio Jiménez, University of La Rioja (Spain); Juan Ignacio Latorre, Public University of Navarre (Spain)


Simulation and Artificial Intelligence

Chair: Tudor Niculiu, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest (Romania)


Workshop on Cloud Manufacturing

Chairs: Prof. Lin Zhang, Beihang University ,(Beijing, China) Prof. Fei Tao, Beihang University ,(Beijing, China), Simonluca Poggi, MAST Srl, (Italy)


Simulation Optimization Approaches in industry, services and logistics processes

Chair: Idalia Flores, University of Mexico; Miguel Mújica Mota, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Spain)


Human-centred and Human-focused Modelling and Simulation

Chairs: Gaby Neumann, Technical University of Applied Sciences WIldau (Germany)


Workshop on Soft Computing and Modelling & Simulation

Chairs: Michael Affenzeller, Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences;  Witold Jacak, Upper Austrian University of Applied Sciences


Workshop on Cloud Computing

Chairs: Alberto Tremori, Simulation Team Italy; Chunming Rong, University of Stavanger.


Advanced Simulation for Logistics Systems

Chairs: Maria Pia Fanti, Polytechnic of Bari ;Chrysostomos Stylios,Technological Educational Institute of Epirus (Greece) ; Walter Ukovich, University of Trieste (Italy)


Modelling and Simulation Approaches  in and for Education

Chairs: Maja Atanasijevic-Kunc, Univ. Ljubljana, Fac. Electrical Engineering; Andreas Körner, Vienna Univ. of Technology, Div. Mathematical Modelling and Simulation


Modelling and Simulation in Physiology and Medicine ( common track EMSS-IWISH)

Chairs: Maja Atanasijevic-Kunc, Univ. Ljubljana, Fac. Electrical Engineering; Felix Breitenecker, Vienna Univ. of Technology, Div. Mathematical Modelling and Simulation


Simulation and Modelling for Occupational Health and Safety

Chairs: Riccardo Melloni, Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy); Sergio Gallo, Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy)


Advanced Models and Applications of Logistics & Manufacturing

Chairs: Teresa Murino, University of Naples Federico II (Italy), Liberatina Santillo University of Naples Federico II (Italy)


The 25thEMSS, 2013

European Modelling & Simulation Symposium - EMSS

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Modeling & Simulation In Industrial Engineering

Modeling & Simulation in Manufacturing

Modeling & Simulation for the Industry Services

Simulation and Scheduling

Industrial and Processes Modeling & Simulation

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Risk and Vulnerability Management

Modeling & Simulation in Logistics, Traffic and Transportation

Supply Chain and Extended Enterprises Emergency Management


Effective Design by Modeling & Simulation

Modeling & Simulation in Industrial Design

Modeling & Simulation in Product Design

Modeling & Simulation in Multibody Systems

Virtual Reality and Visualization

Numerical Methods

Modeling, Simulation and Prototyping


Modeling & Simulation in Business, Economy, Finance and Commerce

Simulation for Financial Planning


Risk Management by Modeling & Simulation

Business Process Engineering and Simulation

Modeling & Simulation of Economic Systems

Simulation in Finance and Finance Services

Simulation in Project Management

Data Mining and ERP Systems

Modeling & Simulation Methodologies, Techniques and Applications

Discrete and Combined Simulation


Soft Computing & Simulation

Simulation and Artificial Intelligence

Distributed and Parallel Simulation

Verification, Validation and Accreditation

Simulation Languages

Simulation Software and Optimization Tools

Design of Experiment

Agent Directed Simulation

High Level Architecture

Human Modeling and Simulation

Real Time Modeling & Simulation