BIS 2010, Modeling and Simulation in Business and Industry

Modeling and Simulation is starting to become ubiquitous in Business and Industry. Emerging technologies and innovative methodologies jointly with M&S are representing technological enablers for Business and Industry that are applied to real world problem analyses and decision support. The workforce is more and more supported by M&S applications for education and training, but also in support of routine task. The Business Application Tracks focuses in innovation both in term of application areas as well as in architecture solutions for real case studies, such as:



























Authors' Guidelines

Original, high-quality technical papers are solicited for review, possible presentation and subsequent publication in the conference proceedings. Abstract are strongly encouraged in advance of the final papers. All final paper submissions are to be made electronically to SCS via the SCS Conference Proceedings Management System. Include complete postal and e-mail addresses, and fax and phone numbers of corresponding author. Papers must be in English. For further instructions, please refer to the Submission Instructions in the SCS Conference Proceedings Management System web site. Confirmations will be sent to the contact author when the file has been retrieved and successfully viewed or printed. Only original unpublished material will be considered for publication. Authors should identify the area(s) in which they think their contribution would best fit, and should clearly indicate whether the submission is for a poster session or a full paper. Only papers that have not been previously published or presented are acceptable. Authors must obtain any employer, client, or government clearances before submission of the final manuscript. All conference attendees are expected to participate at their own expense.

Formatting guidelines can be found here


Key Dates

Submissions of abstracts/full papers: November 28, 2009

Notification of acceptance: December 19, 2009

Final Camera-Ready Submission: February 27, 2010


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April 11-15, 2010


Florida Hotel and Conference Center


Orlando, FL, USA


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 M&S in Business and Industry Applications

Modeling techniques of Industrial Engineering

Industrial Applications of Modeling and Simulation

Industrial Engineering for Food Sciences

Industrial Computing

Audio and Video Technologies

Control Engineering

Case studies in industry and service

System and service Modeling and simulation

Engineering economy and cost estimation

Industrial Engineering Education

Information systems

Manufacturing, control and automation

Performance analysis

Quality management

Business and strategy

Product and process design and management

Reliability and maintenance engineering

Scheduling in industry and service

 Decision Support Systems (DSS)

DSS Modeling

DSS and Artificial Intelligence

Applications of DSS for business sustainability

Applications of DSS in Industry and Supply Chain

Applications of DSS for project management

Decision Making methodologies and approaches

Data-warehousing and Data-mining

DSS for systems behavior prediction

DSS Data based soft computing

Tools for supporting the decision making process


 Architecture for Hybrid Solutions

Architecture for Discrete Event Simulation

Architecture for Continuous Simulation

Combined Simulation Models Applications

Simulation Models and Artificial Intelligence

Simulation based optimization

Mixed Domain Simulation

Solutions for Simulation and 3D Visualization

Object Oriented Languages and Simulation



 Modeling & Simulation of Supply Management

Logistics and manufacturing

Supply chains and logistics network design

Demand forecasting and planning

Transportation management and logistics

Routes and paths optimization

Distribution and facility location

Distribution centers and warehouses management

Terminals simulation

Supply chain modeling and simulation

Supply chain optimization

Supply chain resilience

Supply chain security

Supply chain vulnerability

Supply chain risks analysis

Methodologies for supply chain risks reduction

Green Logistics

Sustainable supply chain operations

Current issues of supply management

Modeling & Simulation in Business and Industry

(BIS 2010)

Part of the Emerging M&S Applications in Industry and Academia Symposium (EAIA)

at Spring Simulation Multiconference


Program Chairs:

Agostino G. Bruzzone, MISS-DIPTEM, University of Genoa, Italy

Francesco Longo, MSC-LES, University of Calabria, Italy