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Applied Research Areas



Modeling & Simulation for Design of industrial plants and production systems: 

  • Cost accounting;
  • Business Plans and investment analysis;
  • Production systems design;
  • Plant lay-out analysis and design;
  • Ergonomic effective design of industrial workstations (based on the integration of work measurement, ergonomics and simulation).


 Modeling & Simulation for Analysis and design of industrial plants facilities: 

  • Plant facilities design and integration;
  • Plant facilities parameters modeling and optimization;
  • Plant facilities reliability and availability analysis;
  • Plant facilities maintenance;
  • Global service maintenance;
  • Plant facilities safety and security.


Modeling & Simulation for Workplace Ergonomic design and security within Industrial Plants: 

  • Work measurement;
  • Effective Ergonomic design of industrial workstations;
  • Risk assessment and security within industrial plants.


Modeling & Simulation for Defense and Homeland Security.

  • Synthetic and Virtual Enviroments for training and decision making
  • Interoperable and distributed simulation
  • Simulation based Acquisition
  • Human Behavior Modeling e multi-coalition systems 


Modeling & Simulation for Logistics & Supply Chain Management: 

  • Supply Chain management based on Modeling & Simulation
  • Supply chain security (including supply chain node security, i.e. container terminals security);
  • Demand forecasting;
  • Single stage and multi-echelon inventory systems;
  • Design and management of distribution networks;
  • Transportation strategies optimization;
  • Reverse logistics.


 Modeling & Simulation for Analysis and design of processes and production technologies: 

  • Assessment, analysis and rationalization of production processes;
  • Process Modeling and optimization;
  • Process innovation.


 Modeling & Simulation for Quality, Environment and Corporate Security: 

  • Total Quality Management;
  • Quality control services Organization;
  •  Analysis of process capability;
  • Quality improvement;
  • The Six Sigma;
  • Regulatory frameworks for Security;
  • Risk assessment and mapping;
  • Security plans;
  • Internal Audits management;
  • Environmental management system;
  • Initial environmental review, technical and operational methods;
  • Improvement of the environmental performances.
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