Modeling & Simulation Center - 

Laboratory of Enterprise Solutions 



  • GREENVALUES (Advanced framework both methodological and application theory that can support long-term strategic decisions of ports to effectively implement the concept of multi-capital sustainability)
  • ZeroKirs (Zerok-IRS - Zero-Kilometer Items Routing System)
  • SISOM (Intelligent Systems for the Assistance and Support of Interface Operators with Machinery, Sets of Machines and Work Equipment in Industrial Processes)
  • W-ARTEMYS (Wearable Augmented RealiTy for EMployee safetY in manufacturing Systems)
  • SO4SIMS (Smart Operators 4.0 based on Simulation for Industry and Manufacturing Systems)
  • DIEM-SSP (Disasters and emergencies management for safety and security in industrial plants)
  • FTS (Freight Transportation
  • IDRASS (Immersive Disaster Relief and Autonomous System Simulation)
  • SG-ICT (Serious Games at Increased Impact on Culture and Toursim)
  • SHIP BRIDGE SIMULATORS (HArBour traffIc opTimizATion system)
  • SIMCJOH (Simulation of Multicoalition Joint Operations involving Human Factors)
  • SIMON (Sistema Informativo di Monitoraggio)
  • SMART-DISTR (Smart Distribution)
  • T-ESEDRAS (Terminals Environmental Sustainability Enhancement based On Data Re-organization Analysis and Simulation)
  • CTRAIN(Serious Games to Train Operators into Military Logistics for Overseas Operations)
  • CTSIM (Serious Game for Ro-Ro Operations)
  • DEMON (DEsign of port facilities for boat Manufacturing Operations in the Nautical sector)
  • ESI (Ergonomic Standards Implementation)
  • FIDOSS (Food Industry quality improved by the Development Of Six Sigma projects)
  • GA-SOS (Genetic Alghoritms for Shop Orders Scheduling)
  • HAZIMUT (HAZelnut Industrial plant design based on Advanced Models UTilization)
  • HMS-Manufacturing (Human Modeling & Simulation for supporting workstation design in Manufacturing systems)
  • IMPROFOOD (Improving Final Product Quality in the Agri Food Industry)
  • INTERSIM (INtermodal TERminals SIMulation)
  • MALTA (Modeling and Analysis of Ligurian Transportation Activities)
  • MASTINO (Modeling Analysis and Simulation of Tube Manufacturing Process and Industrial Operations Controls)
  • NOISE (NOise level reduction within Industrial plant based on Standard applications and Evaluations)
  • PEPES (Perfomance Evaluation of marine Port Environment through Simulation)
  • PLOTTER (Plant Lay-out Analysis and Optimization Through Times and Ergonomic Re-Organization)
  • PROSIM (Pharmaceutical Retail Organization Using Simulation)
  • RAMSIS (Reliability Analysis based on Modeling Safety assessment in Industrial Systems)
  • SEAPORTS (Seaport Simulator)
  • SIDE (Safety normative and standards Implementation within an industrial plant Devoted to  produce Elevators)
  • SIMTANK (Simulation applied to Tanks Manufacturing Process)
  • SIMGLASS (Simulation applied to Glass Manufacturing Process)
  • SISMA (Simulation for Sustainability in MArine ports)
  • SOCRATES (Shopping On line CReated by Advanced Tree-dimensional Environment & Simulation)
  • SOMMA (Supply chain Orders Management Modeling & Analysis)
  • SOMMA ID (Supply chain Orders Management Modeling & Analysis: Inventory and Demand forecast)
  • TRAINPORTS (TRAINing in marine PORTS by using Simulation)
  • VIRTUAL SHOP(Simulation and Virtual Environment applied to modeling retails and stores facilities)
  • WEED (Workstation Ergonomic Effective Design)
  • WILMA (Warehouse and Internal Logistics MAnagement)
  • WORKS(Workstations Simulators)


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