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Luigi Bruno


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 +39 0984 494891

 +39 0984 494891

Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering, Cube 45C, Fifth Floor




Luigi Bruno took his degree in Software Engineering from University of Calabria in 2006. He currently work as researcher at MSC-LES where he is responsible for the development of Virtual Simulators by using the Unity 3D Graphic Engine. He actively participated to the MSC-LES research projects where he was involved in the development of different types of solutions including simulators for drivers training, simulation based serious games, personal assistants and knowledge Navigator (SOPHOS).

In previous years, Luigi was also working in software house companies where he covered the role of programmer developing 3D Virtual Solutions. His field of expertise covers C#, Java, C++, Assembly, XML, Jini/Java Space, Unity 3D, Visual Studio, Eclipse, SVN, AnkhSVN, Tortoise SVN, GIT, SQL, DATALOG, IBM DB2.  






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