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Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering, Cube 45C, Fifth Floor

Students time: Wednesday 11.30—13.30


Extended CV 

Francesco Longo was born in Crotone on February the 8th 1979. He took his degree in Mechanical Engineering, summa cum Laude, in October 2002 from the University of Calabria. He received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Calabria in January 2006. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineering. 


His research interests include Modeling & Simulation for production systems design and supply chain management. In these areas specific subjects regard:

 ·         Modeling & Simulation for production systems and supply chains design and management

 ·         Supply chain security. The attention is focalized on developing integrated decision support system for the supply chain security. Several studies has been carried out in the field of marine terminal security and containers inspection procedures.

 ·         The inventory management problem along the supply chain: definition and constrained comparison of different inventory control policies by using a multi-measure based approach;

 ·         Simulation tools for training procedures in complex environment (also by using 3D real time simulation);

 ·         Workplace and Workstation Effective Ergonomic design within manufacturing and production systems.


He is Director of the Modeling & Simulation Center – Laboratory of Enterprise Solutions (MSC-LES), a laboratory operating at the Department of Mechanical, Energy and Management Engineeringof University of Calabria. The MSC-LES is member organization (as one of the two Italian centers) of the MS&Net (McLeod Modeling & Simulation Network). Starting from 2016 he is also serving as CEO of CAL-TEK Srl, a Spin-off company of University of Calabria.


He has published more than 150 scientific papers on international conferences and journals participating as speaker and chairman to different international conferences. He participated as advisor to ICAMES from 2004 to 2012 (International Cultural and Academic Meeting of Engineering Students, in Istanbul). 


He actively cooperates with many research institutions all over the world. Among others DIPTEM, University of Genoa, Kennedy Space Center, NASA (Cape Canaveral, USA), University of Ottawa (Canada), Rutgers University (The State University of New Jersey)


He is Associate Editor of the Simulation: Transaction of the society for Modeling & Simulation International. For the same journal he is Guest Editor of the special issue on Advances of Modeling & Simulation in Supply Chain and Industry. He is Guest Editor of the International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling, special issues on Modeling & Simulation Methodologies, Techniques and Applications and Industry and Supply Chain: Technical, Economic and Environmental Sustainability. He works as reviewer for different international journals.


During the last years he has strongly supported the organization of conferences in the area of simulation applied to Industry and supply chain. He is Program chair of Summer Simulation Multiconference (2012 and 2013), he is Vice General Chair of Summer Simulation Multiconference (SummerSim2011), General Co-Chair of the European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (EMSS 2008-2017), General Chair of the International Conference on Modeling & Applied Simulation (MAS 2009, 2010), Program Chair of the International Multidisciplinary Modeling & Simulation Multi-conference (2007 and 2008, 2011-2017). He is member of the International Program Committees of the most important conferences in the Simulation field. 


Starting from 2003 he worked on private research projects involving manufacturing and logistics systems operating in Italy. He has acquired experiences in consulting for Business Process Re-engineering and Logistics in different areas.


He teaches "Industrial Plants and Facilities” and “Industrial Plant Management” for Master Degree Students in Mechanical and Management Engineering.





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