Project SO4SIMS

Smart Operators 4.0 based on Simulation for Industry and Manufacturing Systems

The main goal of this project is to carry out R&D activities to move ahead the state of the art in the area of Smart Operators and their role in manufacturing systems according to the new Industry 4.0 paradigm. The SO4SIMS proposal conceives a holistic methodological and technological framework able to tackle the Smart Operator problem conceptualization and implementation from multiple interconnected perspectives:

  • a dedicated Digital Twin for collecting and analyzing the data needed to investigate the Smart Operator problem;
  •  a set of new models that will consider in a synergic way: the operators’ safety and ergonomic problem, the operators’ ageing problem and the interaction of the operators with the shop floor technologies (where collaborative environments are needed)
  • the need to develop a synthetic, virtual and simulated environment that works as test bed for the practical implementation of the Smart Operator.


To provide evidence on the relevance of the SO4SIMS framework potentialities, experimentations on 4 different case studies will be carried out in cooperation with real manufacturing systems that have already shown interest in the project