Project DIEM-SSP

Disasters and emergencies management for safety and security in industrial plants

Efficient procedures are needed both on the emergency site and in hospitals; these procedures should be combined with a proper critical patients routing toward the most suitable First-Aid Facilities and with a reduction of human errors during the emergency management. Furthermore, new procedures or methodologies for emergency management must be carefully tested before being used.

The DIEM-SSP project objectives are summarized as follows:

  • definition of new emergency procedures to be used in hospitals for critical patients management;
  • proper routing of critical patients from the emergency site to the most suitable First Aid Facilities;
  • reduction of the number of patients with severe trauma (and reduction of damages to critical infrastructures) by using emergency procedures which take into account the human factor/error;
  • demonstration of the effectiveness of the actions cited above through an interoperable simulation based test-bed.

The DIEM-SSP project also includes the demonstration of the effectiveness of the actions previously cited through an interoperable simulation-based test-bed based on the IEEE 1516 High Level Architecture (HLA).