For further information please contact Michael Affenzeller and Stephan Hutterer

The International Workshop on

Simulation for Energy, Sustainable Development & Environment

25 - 27 September, 2013

Royal Olympic

Athens, Greece

Simulation Team

SESDE 2013


Call For Papers


Smart Grid Planning, Optimization and Control - SPOC



At the International Workshop on Simulation for Energy, Sustainable Development & Environment



Chairs:† Michael Affenzeller, Upper University of Applied Sciences, Austria

†††††††††††† Stephan Hutterer, Upper University of Applied Sciences, Austria



Deadlines for Papers Submission

Authorís Instructions for paper submission


Track description


In recent years, smart energy systems evolve all over the world, treated both in research as well as in industry.

Especially within this research area computational methods come up to be of increasing importance for various applications like processing of large amounts of sensory data, controlling real-time devices in distribution grids or using modeling & simulation methods for sustainable power grid planning.

The aim of this session is to address these upcoming research issues, where achievements in computer sciences enable future technologies for planning, optimization and control of smart grids.



SPOC invites authors to submit their original and unpublished work, including the following topics, but not limited to:


 ††† Algorithms for modeling, control and optimization

 ††† Wide area monitoring, control and protection

 ††† Security & reliability for smart grids

 ††† Simulation

 ††† Communication and control

 ††† Demand side management

 ††† Distributed energy supply

 ††† Probabilistic modeling††

 ††† FACTS

 ††† Optimization††

 ††† Plug-in vehicles

 ††† Renewable energy

 ††† Distributed sensing/metering

 ††† Phasor measurements

 ††† Micro Grids

 ††† Universal Grids†††

 ††† Visualizations for control centers

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