MAS, 2014


The 13th International Conference on

Modeling and Applied Simulation


10 - 12 September

Agora Multi-Purpose Complex, University of Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

Call For Papers


Workshop on Serious Games applied to Safety, Crisis Management and Security


at the International Conference on Modeling & Applied Simulation

(MAS 2014)


Chairs: (a) Alessandra Tesei; (b) Igor Mayer


Affiliation: (a) NATO STO CMRE; (b) TU Delft

Contact: (a); (b)




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Track Description

The workshop intends to offer a valuable opportunity  to present recent results and discuss open issues on Serious Games (SGs) in the Safety, Security and Crisis Management domain. The field is explored from a theoretical, technological, educational as well as pedagogical standpoint.

The aim is to promote an opportunity for researchers, developers, users and practitioners to exchange new ideas and experience, in order to contribute to overcome fragmentations among different kinds of stakeholders in the field, and fill possible gaps between user requirements and solutions available on the market. Topic of interest include:


· Modeling and simulation

· Products to support serious games development and deployment

· Advanced Human-Computer Interaction

· Advances in Artificial intelligence for serious games in the selected fields

· Advances in Physical Modeling

· Advances in game engines

· Efficient development tools (including narrative aiding)

· Augmented and virtual reality

· Interoperability and standards

· Pervasive gaming

· Mobile gaming

· Methodologies and principles for serious games user assessment

· Support for learner performance assessment (stealth, formative, summative) 

· Mapping pedagogical principles and serious games mechanics for SGs in safety, security and crisis management

· How to balance realism and fidelity, engagement, learning and entertainment?

· User studies applying serious games in training (professional, corporate and executive training, skill development and other programs)

· Verification of learning transfer

· Study of long-term learning impact


Topics are seen as an opportunity to present and observe the latest research studies, results, and ideas in the specific areas of interest. Nevertheless different topics on the field of Serious Games applied to Safey, Crisis Management and Security are very welcome. Authors are kindly invited to include in their papers and presentations research works, both theoretical and applied, case studies and applications,.


The workshop will include a discussion panel aimed at identifying envisaged trends for applications of  SGs to Security, Safety and Crisis Management in the near- and mid-term future (5 to 10 years ahead), and hence a roadmap to foster new studies and effective developments.


This event is organized in the context of the GALA Project, the European Network of Excellence on Serious Games (

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