MAS, 2014


The 13th International Conference on

Modeling and Applied Simulation


10 - 12 September

Agora Multi-Purpose Complex, University of Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

Call For Papers


Tracks on Applied Control and Automation


at the International Conference on Modeling & Applied Simulation

(MAS 2014)


Chairs: (a) Sergio Junco; (b) Geneviève Dauphin-Tanguy

Affiliation: (a) Universidad Nacional de Rosario  (b) Ecole Centrale de Lille

Contact: (a) ;




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Track Description

This track will bring experts together for the purpose of presenting and discussing any type of application relevant control and automation problems emphasizing the role of model analysis as integral part of the complete design of the automated system. Particularly, it will focus on new concepts, methods, techniques, and tools conceived in order to support an integrative interplay of modeling, identification, simulation, system analysis and control theory in all the stages of system design.

Topic of interest include but are not limited to:

· Renewable Energy Systems. Modeling, Simulation and Control

· Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems

· Supervision System Design in Industrial Processes

· Observer design for dynamical systems: application to robust fault and disturbance reconstruction

· Modeling, Simulation and Control of Nonlinear Oscillating Systems

· Modeling and Identification for Control Applications

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For further information please contact Sergio Junco; Geneviève Dauphin-Tanguy