MAS, 2014


The 13th International Conference on

Modeling and Applied Simulation


10 - 12 September

Agora Multi-Purpose Complex, University of Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

Call For Papers


Simulation in Energy Generation and Distribution

at the International Conference on Modeling & Applied Simulation

(MAS 2014)


Chair: Janos Sebestyen Janosy

Affiliation: Centre for Energy Research Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) (Hungary)




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Track Description

Due to the ongoing crisis in economy and to the rapidly growing energy prices future trends and perspectives in the energy generation and distribution are changing rapidly. Studies of different options are unthinkable without extensive simulation.


The proposed track concentrates to simulation studies in the following topics:

 alternative energy resources - solar, wind and others

 traditional renewables - water and biomass

 revival of nuclear energy generation - fission or fusion

 hydrogen energy - generation, storage and utilization problems

 low emission transport - hydrogen driven and electrical vehicles

 electrical energy distribution networks - large and small

 local energy generation and management

 intelligent energy distribution networks


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