MAS, 2014


The 13th International Conference on

Modeling and Applied Simulation


10 - 12 September

Agora Multi-Purpose Complex, University of Bordeaux

Bordeaux, France

Call For Papers


High Performance Simulation of biological systems 


at the International Conference on Modeling & Applied Simulation

(MAS 2014)


Chairs: (a) Horacio Pérez-Sánchez ; (b) José M. Cecilia

Affiliation: (a)(b)Universidad Católica San Antonio, (Murcia) Spain 

Contact: (a) ; (b)


Deadlines for papers submission

Author’s instructions for paper submission


Track Description

 The goal of this track is to explore the use of emerging parallel computing architectures as well as High Performance Computing systems (Supercomputers, Clusters, Grids) for the simulation of relevant biological systems. We welcome papers, not submitted elsewhere for review, with a focus in topics of interest ranging from but not limited to:

· Parallel stochastic simulation 

· Biological and Numerical parallel computing

· Parallel and distributed architectures

· Emerging processing architectures (e.g. GPUs, FPGAs, mixed CPU-GPU or CPU-FPGA)

· Parallel Model checking techniques.  

· Parallel algorithms for biological analysis. 

· Cluster and Grid Deployment for system biology 

· Tools and applications

· Biologically inspired algorithms.


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For further information please contact Horacio Pérez-Sánchez ; José M. Cecilia