The 26th European Modeling & Simulation Symposium (Simulation in Industry)




Conference Aims

The European Modeling and Simulation Symposium is one of the most important Simulation Appointment in Europe. As tradition the conference focuses on Modeling & Simulation in Industry taking into consideration both applications and theoretical approaches.

The conference proposes a multi-sides perspective to Modeling & Simulation environment. Tracks organization is intended to cover different research macro-areas dedicated to Industrial Engineering, Effective Design, Business, Economy and Finance, Medicine, Methodologies, Techniques and Applications. Such framework gives to scientists, technicians and users the opportunity to interact, collaborate on the most challenging research topics in the field of Modeling & Simulation.


EMSS 2014, Bordeaux, France

EMSS 2013, Athens, Greece

EMSS 2012, Vienna, Austria

EMSS 2011, Rome, Italy

EMSS 2010, Fes, Morocco

EMSS 2009, Tenerife, Spain

EMSS 2008, Campora S. Giovanni, Italy

EMSS 2007, Bergeggi, Italy

EMSS 2006, Barcelona, Spain

ESS 2005, Marseille, France

ESS 2004 Budapest, Hungary
ESS 2003 Delft, The Netherlands
ESS 2002 Dresden, Germany
ESS 2001 Marseille France
ESS 2001 Hamburg, Germany
ESS 1999 Erlangen, Germany
ESS 1998 Nottingham, United Kingdom

ESS 1997 Passau, Germany
ESS 1996 Genoa, Italy

ESS 1995 Erlangen, Germany

ESS 1994 Istanbul, Turkey

ESS 1993 Delft, Netherlands

ESS 1992 Dresden, Germany

ESS 1991 on Intelligent Process Control, Ghent, Belgium

ESS 1990 on Intelligent Process Control, Ghent, Belgium

USER  1988, Ostend ,Belgium

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For further information please contact Francesco Longo, Marina Massei